Get Mobile With The Greektown Casino App

Revel and indulge on the pristine facilities and service offered by the one and only Greek Town Casino Hotel in Downtown Detroit Michigan and keep your spirits high and prepared for the thrilling action and excitement catered by their rich and extremely stunning Casino sector. These land-based establishment oozes with prestige and sophistication which will unquestionably complete your waging experience. However, what will amplify your experience to a new level is their Greektown Casino App.

Contrary to what you may initially perceive from what it's called, the Greektown Casino application is not a mobile version of their land-based casino. This application is a software that supports their land-based establishment and their players, providing a more outstanding and exceptional service for their establishment. With the capability to be integrated on both Android and iOS phone, rest assured that any smartphone you have will surely fit this app perfectly and allow you to maximize your experience even more.

If it's not your first time in this establishment, then there's no doubt that you would have already heard about their top-tier Loyalty Program which offers its players with the opportunity to get more prizes the more they play at the establishment. Their Loyalty program is tiered into five different levels from bronze, silver, gold, platinum up to Infinity. Each time you get the action going in your waging time on the establishment, you accumulate points that will slowly, but surely get you a step closer to their generous offers and GT Rewards.

The Greektown Casino App comes incredibly handy when combined with the establishment's Loyalty Program. With the application, an individual can keep tabs with his or her reward points or balance, reassuring you that you'll always be aware of how your loyalty points are progressing. This makes it easier for you to know whether you have increased in rank or not. This may also play a huge role on your next visit to the establishment.

Aside from this function, this application also renders the establishment's offers and promotions to guarantee that you'll be able to take advantage of all the generous gifts they have prepared for their players. You can also search for your most favorite games through this application and you will also be always updated about the establishment's entertainment sector. Finally, the application also provides basic and general information about them along with directions and even map regarding the place to help prevent mishaps along your experience.

With such a helpful application, the Greektown Casino App will make sure that every second you spend on the establishment is worth it and that you will always be able to revel on a transparent system that will allow you to keep tabs with your own points in their loyalty system.