Discover the Hotel Casino at Greek Town

greektown casino hotel

In the heart of one of the most prestigious and largest cities in America, Detroit, lies the elegant, decadent and extremely luxurious setup provided by the one and only Greek Town Casino Hotel. Based in Detroit , Michigan and established in 2009, this astounding casino hotel is one of the three such establishment within the city and it is specifically nestled on the city's Historic District, revitalizing that specific district and painting it completely anew.

This skyscraper land-based casino hotel is under the ownership and management of the reputable JACK Entertainment LLC and with its superb capabilities, it has managed to completely skyrocket in terms of popularity and overall rating. It goes without saying that Greek Town Casino Hotel facilities are all state-of-the-art and relaxing for a day or two within their phenomenal corners will surely prove to be a heavenly experience for anyone.

Let's not forget that this hotel is a casino hotel and thus, if you consider yourself quite the avid gambler, then you'll certainly find their rich selection of games to be completely irresistible. They have a wide range of games from live drawings, a multitude amount of slot games, video slots, table games and a whole lot more. With this kind of options, you will be reassured that you will never run out of fun as you step within the boundaries of their establishment.

To keep your spirits high and up for more exciting experience, the Greek Town Casino Hotel makes sure to pump some juice to your very cores with their surreal promotions, rewards and giveaways that will surely be a test of your luck over and over again. Just one win will surely end up giving you a mind-blowing prize to bring back to your home and that possibility alone is enough to ignite the burning passion within any wager's soul.

Some of the latest promotions they have are 'Cases of Cash' where lucky winners will be able to get a chance to get hold of $1,000 to $5,000 as they open specific cases, 'Camaros and Cash Giveaway' which will give you a chance to grab $5,000 with an incredibly opportunity to get yourself a smoking Camaro, 'Ladies Day' which are dedicated for the female wagers and a whole lot more. They never fail to update their promotions and as such, you're guaranteed that they will surely be able to deliver you excitement in a hot platter every time.

To help you be convinced even more that it's definitely the place for you to go, this establishment even has lots of promotions prepared for their rooms which are divided in different packages, giving you enough options to get that ideal experience you're looking for. Pack those bags and get yourself ready as the Greek Town Casino Hotel will surely help you indulge in an addictive experience.