Delightful and Scrumptious Greektown Casino Restaurants

bistro 555 greektown casino hotel detroit

There's certainly nothing that can compare to food when it comes to being a universal language that can speak to an individual's heart and amplify one's experience no matter who you are and where you're from. This goes true even as you indulge on the stunning experience that can be served by the one and only Greektown Casino. Even with their luxurious and sophisticated setup, the completeness of your experience lies on what you'll be able to eat and that's where Greektown Casino Restaurants come in play.

One of the most renowned Greektown Casino Restaurant that truly sets the bar high when it comes to finesse, sophistication and upscale vibe is Bistro 555. Providing a setup that will give you a vibrant and decadent appeal, this restaurant guarantees that it will take you to a divine experience across the legendary and historic appeal of this casino hotel. It provides a bountiful array of foods that ranges from giving a delectable breakfast buffet up to an elegant night that will surely make a mark on your life.

The Bistro 555 has also taken the initiative to make sure that everyone has a place on their seats. Whether you're up for an important romantic night or if you're with your family and kids that's looking for rich savory meals that will fill up your appetite and satisfy your palates - this unique restaurant will make sure that it delivers. They also have happy hour for those who're dying to have a stunning late night experience.

Another restaurant offered by this pristine establishment is Prism. This steak house is undeniably one of the best out there in Detroit Michigan and it's one that will surely pack up your experience perfectly. Though a steakhouse, this stunning restaurant doesn't just impress when it comes to their savory and delectable steaks - they also serve exceptional foods in all other categories they have from pastas, seafood and even with their divine desserts that will simply give you a dining experience at its finest.

The Prism also makes sure to keep its immaculate service through the roof by pairing up their luxurious and sophisticated setup with a breathtaking view served by their glorious position in the